Featured Product – 210Litre AdBlue® Drum

Many of our orders come from customers relatively new to the world of AdBlue®, and often trying to work out exactly how much AdBlue® you are going to use initially isn’t always the easiest thing to do. 

For operators with more than one vehicle to service, many choose to order one of our 1000 Litre AdBlue® IBC (£360 delivered no deposit). Another option is to go with a slightly smaller amount and order a 210Litre AdBlue® drum (£135.54 + £35 delivery). The drums are an ideal choice for new users and are more portable than the larger AdBlue® IBC’s. 

In addition to the drum we also recommend a good quality pump for clean and efficient dispensing of the AdBlue®.

For a cost-effective basic manual AdBlue® pump we recommend the ABP4313 (£100.74), a popular alternative to the electric AdBlue® pumps, especially if smaller quantities are required to be dispensed or if no mains power supply is available.

Also available is 4x 210litre drums delivered on a single pallet, for more information on this product click here >