Automotive Grade Urea used to manufacture AdBlue is produced from natural gas. The current conflict with Ukraine/Russia and subsequent sanctions imposed, have caused the price of natural gas to soar and has again reached a record high.European Urea manufacturers have already started to take the decision to implement either plant shutdowns or reduce production because the cost of production is too high. This in turn has led to the cost of urea and therefore AdBlue once again rising in price.

AdBlue® Starter Kits – The Simple Solution

As businesses continue to modernise their fleets the amount of AdBlue® they need, naturally increases. Often the most cost effective (and simplest) way for small to medium size businesses of managing their AdBlue® supply is to purchase a 1000 litre AdBlue® IBC together with a simple gravity hose kit.

Regular users will notice the cost savings (per litre) fairly quickly and at WavianBlue we make the process as simple as possible. 

Step 1 – Visit our shop and select IBC Starter Kit 1Step 2 – Enter your delivery details and make a payment via our (very easy to use) secure checkout. We’re happy to take enquires from bulk users, Step 3 – THAT’S IT!

Wait for 2-3 working days and your order will arrive. Please note you will need a Fork Lift Truck to remove the IBC from our delivery vehicle (as it is very heavy). Also if you choose to purchase a gravity kit the IBC will need to be raised up from the ground in a secure location. We don’t charge a deposit for the IBC and once it is empty just give us a call and we’ll take the old one away and deliver another. 

For more info about receiving an AdBlue® delivery from WavianBlue click HERE. If you need further help give us a call on 01508 493 647 or email sales@wavian.netand we’d be happy to help.