Upgrading your Gravity Hose Kit – Manual Rotary AdBlue® Pump

When first purchasing one of our AdBlue® IBC’s or AdBlue® starter kits, many of our customers will choose our basicAdBlue® Starter kit which contains a 1000 litre IBC and a Gravity Hose.

The Gravity hose kit is an efficient and inexpensive way to dispense AdBlue® from your IBC, but there are a couple of considerations to be made regarding its usage.

As the name suggests a gravity hose kit works on ‘gravity’, that means that once the  AdBlue® IBC level falls below a certain height the IBC will need to be raised up in order for the liquid to dispense. Some people do this by putting the IBC onto a secure platform eg, strong pallets.

A gravity hose can also be an issue if the tank of the vehicle (eg a big tractor) you are re-filling is higher than the IBC. Of course you could dispense it into (clean) AdBlue® containers, which can be a bit of a fuss if you are doing it regularly and sort of defeats the object a bit.

The high quality  Puisi Rotary IBC Pump Kit is directly mounted onto the bars of the IBC and has the following features.

  • Self Priming rotary hand pump with stainless steel outer casing on an IBC bracket
  • Sturdy and durable solution for dispensing AdBlue® from an IBC
  • Designed for fitting to lower IBC bars when the IBC is on a bund
  • Fits round and squared bar IBC’s
  • Smooth operation thanks to its rolling handle grip and quality construction
  • 3 metre delivery hose and plastic and stainless steel swivel spout with on/off valve

The current price (as of 6th March 2018) is £239.99 ex VAT – product code CTS1027 and is available for next day delivery.

For more info on the Rotary IBC Pump visit the product page here >