Automotive Grade Urea used to manufacture AdBlue is produced from natural gas. The current conflict with Ukraine/Russia and subsequent sanctions imposed, have caused the price of natural gas to soar and has again reached a record high.European Urea manufacturers have already started to take the decision to implement either plant shutdowns or reduce production because the cost of production is too high. This in turn has led to the cost of urea and therefore AdBlue once again rising in price.

AdBlue® A to Z: H is for ….. Hose Kits

Our A to Z of AdBlue® continues with the letter H and when it comes to AdBlue®, ‘H’ stands for HOSE (as in Gravity Hose)If you’ve recently found yourself managing several vehicles that take AdBlue® you’ll know that popping to the garage every five minutes for a top-up can soon become a costly and unwelcome expense.Managing usage can be a hit and miss affair initially. Rather like MPG figures, the amount of AdBlue® your fleet uses depends on many factors, including how your vehicles are driven, the load in the vehicle etc, etc 

We’ve found that the most cost effective solution for customers  under these circumstances is to purchase one of our AdBlue® Starter Kits – these an ideal solution for anyone new to AdBlue® and offer a convenient and cost-effective way to administor AdBlue® to your vehicles. 

Our entry level kit comprises of 1 X 1000 litre IBC full of ISO approved AdBlue® and one Premium Quality Gravity Hose Kit. We want you to come back and order the next one from us when that is empty so we’ve kept our costs low and we also don’t charge a deposit for the IBC, we’ll simply replace it for new one or come and pick it up within 12 months. 

The Gravity Hose kit works well to dispense the AdBlue®, but as there is no external power the IBC would need to be raised up off the floor in a secure location. 

Priced at just £387.50 EX Vat the AdBlue® starter kit offers excellent value for money for customers new to AdBlue®, click here to view