AdBlue® A to Z – L is for (1000) Litres

L is for (1000) Litres By far the most popular product in our range of AdBlue® liquid and accessories is the 1000 litre AdBlue® IBC. We’ve tried to make it as easy as possible for our customers to order and keep a regular supply of AdBlue® for their business without the hassle of IBC deposits, extra delivery charges and unnecessary extra messing about.

You pay one price (currently £350) and for that you receive, 1000 litres of AdBlue® delivered to your business.That’s it! Delivery time is usually between 2-3 days, we can coordinate with you regarding a preferred delivery time, just make sure that you have a fork-lift truck ready for when your IBC of AdBlue® arrives at your business in order to unload it from our vehicle.

We want you to come back and order your AdBlue® from us each time, so when you are running low you can just give us a call  (01508 493 647) or order another online and we’ll be happy to replace your IBC for a shiny new one.

If by any chance you still have a bit left, don’t worry, keep hold of the one you have and we’ll come and pick it up when it is completely empty.

At the moment we have an exclusive special offer to receive an extra £10 off the normal price. Just enter the code ADBLUE10 at the checkout. This offer is valid until 1st July 2017 and can also be used on any other AdBlue® products in our range.

To read about more news and information on AdBlue® and our ever expanding range of AdBlue® liquid and products stay tuned to our WavianBlue blog