Automotive Grade Urea used to manufacture AdBlue is produced from natural gas. The current conflict with Ukraine/Russia and subsequent sanctions imposed, have caused the price of natural gas to soar and has again reached a record high.European Urea manufacturers have already started to take the decision to implement either plant shutdowns or reduce production because the cost of production is too high. This in turn has led to the cost of urea and therefore AdBlue once again rising in price.

AdBlue® A to Z – S is for Spill Kits

If drivers are filling up with AdBlue® on a regular basis in your warehouse you’ll know that sometimes spills will occur. Not everyone is as careful with their spout as you are and accidents can and do happen every day with liquids on the floor.

To cover yourself against any injuries (and potential injury claims) we always recommend purchasing one of our high quality spill kits with your AdBlue® IBC. They contain a variety of items to combat any minor or major mishaps and you may find you need one to comply with your businesses own health and safety guidelines.

There are two spill kits currently available, one 40 litre spill kit and another larger spill kit capable of containing spillages of up to 100 litres.

40 Litre AdBlue® Spill Kit – Double Weight Pads £48.48 (inc VAT) / £40.40 (exc VAT)

Kit Contains: • 4 x Socks 1200mm • 12 x Pads (400mm X 500mm) • 1 x disposable bags & ties • 1 x Instructions and Content Sheet

100 Litre AdBlue® Spill Kit – Double Weight Pads £217.75 (inc VAT) / £181.46 (ex VAT)

Kit Contains: • Plastic Wheeled Bin (950mm x 480mm x 560mm) • 5 x Socks 3000mm • 50 x Pads (400mm X 500mm) • 3 x Disposable Bags & Ties • 1 x Instructions & Content Sheet

As a limited edition special offer until 1st December 2017 enter the code SPILL1 to receive £10 off* all IBC’s with spill kits. *Not available with any other promotion.