AdBlue® cheat systems – and why it’s not worth it!

If you’re a road haulage operator or fleet manager you’ll no doubt be aware of certain websites and businesses offering a modification that effectively bypasses the AdBlue® CRS system in your vehicle. You pay one price and that’s it – no more AdBlue®.

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You’d think it was a no brainer wouldn’t you? However, as some operators are finding out, the consequences of paying for this system can be disastrous in more ways than one.

With this in mind, I thought it could be a good idea to outline the reasons why using an AdBlue® ‘cheat system’ on your vehicle or vehicles is a really bad idea.

The garages who fit these systems are criminals

The work to bypass the system is often undertaken by dodgy backstreet garages operating outside of the law. Would you take your own car to a garage where they knowingly install illegal equipment to vehicles? The AdBlue® cheat devices are illegal and any work done will be unguaranteed and without any sort of warranty or assurances.

The AdBlue® Cheat system can damage your vehicle

If the system is installed incorrectly or even correctly, it’s very easy to cause damage to the highly complex technology that works within an AdBlue® system. Try taking your vehicle to an official dealer and telling them you fitted an illegal AdBlue® cheat system to your vehicle. One thing is for sure, apart from running the risk of being reported to the police it isn’t going to be cheap to put right.

The systems are illegal

Police forces together with the DVSA have been stepping up UK roadside checks on vehicles specifically looking for illegally fitted AdBlue® cheat systems on commercial vehicles. A recent article by commercial found that one in 12 vehicles stopped had an illegal AdBlue® cheat system fitted. Hauliers then had 10 days to remove the system or face a heavy fine. Offenders can also risk losing their operators licences and several have.

It won’t save you money

The amount of money you save from putting one of these AdBlue® cheat systems to your vehicle is going to be negligible if you compare it against purchasing a 1000litre IBC of AdBlue® from We provide our customers with only the highest quality AdBlue®, manufactured and tested to the highest standards and officially certificated.

It gives you the ultimate piece of mind and our customers trust us to delivery without any hassles, deposits or problems low cost AdBlue® time and time again.

Our AdBlue® starter kits are a low cost effective way to save money on AdBlue® and come as a 1000litre IBC of AdBlue® together with either a manual gravity hose or other manual and electric variations based on your requirements. If you need any assistance with your AdBlue® usage call us on 01508 493647 or email and we will be very happy to help.