Automotive Grade Urea used to manufacture AdBlue is produced from natural gas. The current conflict with Ukraine/Russia and subsequent sanctions imposed, have caused the price of natural gas to soar and has again reached a record high.European Urea manufacturers have already started to take the decision to implement either plant shutdowns or reduce production because the cost of production is too high. This in turn has led to the cost of urea and therefore AdBlue once again rising in price.

Featured Product – AdBlue® Gravity Hose

Many of our customers who order bulk AdBlue® from us for the first time decide to purchase one of our AdBlue® Starter Kits. These AdBlue® Starter Kits are designed to give you everything you need to get you up and running. You can choose from a wide range of different AdBlue® pumps to go with either your 1000 Litre IBC or 210 drum. but the most basic (and cheapest) option if you are on a tight budget is to choose one of our simple AdBlue® gravity hoses.

Gravity Hose Kit

As the name would suggest, the gravity hose kit, unlike many of our other AdBlue® pumps has no internal mechanism for drawing the AdBlue® out of the tank, it consists of a screw attachment that will fit to your IBC, a hose (either 4m or 6 depending on requirements) and a simple nozzle at the other end that allows you to control the flow of AdBlue® coming from the kit. In order to use a gravity hose kit successfully you will need to raise up your IBC of the ground, this will allow ‘gravity’ to push the AdBlue® down to the nozzle and into your vehicle or container.

Purchase Options

You can purchase the AdBlue® Gravity Hose directly from our website here, or you can also purchase it together with one of our 1000 Litre IBC’s. The price together with the IBC is £465 including delivery. We don’t charge a deposit for the IBC and the Pump will be yours to keep. Once the AdBlue® IBC is empty you can either order some more AdBlue® from us and we can replace the IBC with a full one, or we can simply collect if from you. Click here to order our 1000 Litre Gravity Hose Starter Kit >

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