Electrical AdBlue® Pumps – Plug in or Battery?

For those people with large biceps a manual AdBlue® Pump is no problem at all and we have a range of options available to buy on our website here

However, for those AdBlue® users who prefer to use more brains than braun (or who have a slightly bigger budget) we definitely recommend investing in an electric AdBlue® pump to dispense your AdBlue® liquid from either your 210 Litre AdBlue® drum or 1000 Litre AdBlue® IBC.

The options are mainly split between two kinds of electric pumps. Those that are more portable and use the equivalent of a 12 volt car battery and those electric pumps that use 230 volts and can be plugged into the wall. Many electric AdBlue® pumps will come in both variations and the one you choose will come down to your own personal requirements, eg do you need to use the pump at several locations or at a location that doesn’t have mains power?

If the answer is yes, then your best option is to probably go for a 12volt electric AdBlue® pump this will give you the mobility and flexibility to transport your equipment from location to another. You will though have to purchase or acquire a battery that will be suitable for use.

Best Choices for 12v AdBlue® Pumps210 Litre AdBlue® Electric PumpThe HORNET range from TECALEMIT, with the patented AdBlue® pump transfer system is a leader in todays industry. As the world’s first self priming hybrid pump, the HORNET boasts technology and performance. Electrical true self-priming hybrid pumps, with a robust reputation and an incredible price to performance ratio and a 20% higher flow rate than any other AdBlue® pump on the market. https://www.wavianblue.com/product-page/tecalemit-drum-pump-adblue1000 Litre IBC

High Quality IBC Pump designed for use with AdBlue®. Available with Manual or Automatic Nozzle options. 

• Designed to fit 1000 litre Intermediate Bulk Containers.• Supplied as a complete kit.• 4m x ¾” delivery hose• 1.5m suction hose & SEC connector. C/w switch & 2m battery cable & croc clips.• Self‑priming diaphragm pump & bypass valve.• Manual nozzle for AdBlue® with stainless steel tip.• Built in nozzle hanger.• Weatherproof to IP55 for outdoor use.

If however you know your equipment will be staying in the same place throughout, then it might be easier to use an AdBlue® pump that you can simply plug into then socket and use the mains power. https://www.wavianblue.com/product-page/adblue-pump-kit-for-1000-litre-ibc-battery-powered

Best choices for 240V AdBlue® Pumps

IBC230V AdBlue® Pump Kit SpecsComplete with a self-priming membrane AdBlue® pump, nozzle, delivery and suction hose and IBC Connector, it is a ready to use solution that allows the simple move of the kit from one IBC to another.

This pump also has additional features such as a hose and nozzle support complete with drip catcher.Pump Features Include:• Supplied as a complete kit• Quick release rack mounts to the side of the IBS• 4m x 3/4″ delivery hose• 1.5m suction hose and SEC connector• c/w switch & 1.8m mains cable• Self priming diaphragm pump & bypass valve 30L/Min• Waterproof to IP55 for outdoor use• Max run time 20 minshttps://www.wavianblue.com/product-page/adblue-pump-kit-for-1000-litre-ibc-230v210 Litre (also for 12V)

The MultiPump is a cost effective, electric AdBlue®™ pump designed for the dispensing of AdBlue®™ (DEF), water and light agricultural chemicals from a 210litre drum.

This AdBlue®™ transfer pump is part of a portable, ready to dispense kit and is an economical alternative to a hand pump where manually pumping is not desirable.

The MultiPump has flexible power options thanks to its transformer which allows the pump to run on both 12v DC and 230v AC, depending upon what power the customer has access to at the time. Complete with suction downtube, delivery hose and manual nozzle, this AdBlue®™ drum pump kit also comes with an integrated nozzle holster, to store the nozzle neatly and prevent it from being accidentally knocked onto the floor and damaged.https://www.wavianblue.com/product-page/AdBlue®-MultiPump******************

The initial outlay on purchasing an Electric AdBlue® pump is obviously more than it would be by buying a gravity hose kit or manual AdBlue® pump, but many of our customers find in the long term this expense to be one that pays for itself many times over in terms of convenience and ease of use.

If you have any questions about what kind of AdBlue® pump might suit you best feel free to give us a call on 01508 493 647 or email sales@wavian.net and we will be very happy to assist.