Getting started with WavianBlue (AdBlue®)


If you’ve bought a new diesel car recently, chances are you will know all about AdBlue®. Since September 2015 virtually all vehicles that run on diesel fuel have been fitted with a SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) system that is designed to reduce CO2 emissions into the environment.

AdBlue® for sale UK

Developed to adhere to new stricter EU legislation the system works by using an active additive ( DEF Diesel Exhaust Fluid – commonly known as AdBlue®) to neutralise the nitrogen oxides into water and less harmful gasses before the gasses leave the exhaust.

Wavian Blue – supplier of high quality bulk AdBlue®

WavianBlue is officially licensed by the VDA and fully complies to the industrial standard ISO 22241. Be wary of purchasing cheaper alternatives of AdBlue® as unlike WavainBlue many are not officially licenced and may cause damage to your car. Always look for the ISO22241 quality standard on the label (see below) to ensure the AdBlue® you are purchasing is of the finest quality.