Save 7p per litre on High-Quality AdBlue with WavianBlue

WavianBlue is proud to be a trusted supplier of high-quality AdBlue products to businesses across the UK. We are excited to announce significant price reductions, allowing our valued customers to save on their bulk AdBlue purchases.

With a focus on service and quality, WavianBlue has been supplying liquid containers, fuel cans, and accessories since 1996. Now, we extend the same dedication to our AdBlue range, ensuring our customers receive exceptional value for their money.

Save £70 on a 1000 Litre IBC of AdBlue

We are pleased to pass on the benefits of improved raw material pricing to our customers. For a limited time, you can save £70 on a 1000 Litre IBC of AdBlue. The new price of £505 exVAT also includes free delivery. Click here to take advantage of this offer.

Save 7p Per Litre on all WavianBlue AdBlue

In addition to the remarkable price reduction on the 1000 Litre IBC, we are offering savings of 7p per litre on the following items:

  1. 4 X 210 Litre AdBlue® Liquid Drum – £571.20 ex VAT (£685.44 inc VAT)
    • Original Price: £591.20 ex VAT (£709.44 inc VAT)
    • Equivalent to a saving of 7p per litre
    • Click here to buy.
  2. AdBlue® Liquid 90 X 10 Litres – 900 litres Total – £756.00 ex VAT (£907.20 inc VAT)
    • Original Price: £786.00 ex VAT (£943.20 inc VAT)
    • Equivalent to a saving of 7p per litre
      Click here to buy.
  3. AdBlue® Liquid 40 X 20 Litres – 800 litres Total – £672.00 ex VAT (£806.40 inc VAT)
    • Original Price: £692.00 ex VAT (£830.40 inc VAT)
    • Equivalent to a saving of 7p per litre
    • Click here to buy.

Experience WavianBlue’s Commitment to Quality

WavianBlue has been dedicated to providing exceptional products and service for over two decades. As a reputable brand, we have earned the trust of businesses in the UK and beyond. Our commitment to quality is evident in our range of high-quality steel and plastic fuel cans, liquid containers, and AdBlue products. When you choose WavianBlue, you can be confident that you are investing in excellence.

Convenient Service without Deposit Schemes

At WavianBlue, we strive to make your experience as seamless as possible. Unlike complicated deposit schemes that tie up your money, we offer a hassle-free service. When you order our 1000 Litre IBC of AdBlue, we don’t charge a deposit. Simply call us when you either need it collected or wish to order a new one. This benefit saves you from the inconvenience and financial constraints of deposit schemes, ensuring a smooth and straightforward process for your business.

Convenient Delivery Terms

We understand the importance of a seamless delivery process for your business. To ensure a smooth experience, please note the following key points:

  1. Access Restrictions: Our deliveries are typically made on large 40ft articulated trucks. Please ensure that your delivery address can accommodate such vehicles. Providing accurate information regarding access restrictions is crucial to avoid re-delivery charges.
  2. Re-Delivery Fee: If a delivery is attempted and fails due to undisclosed access issues, a re-delivery fee of £95 ex VAT will apply.
  3. Notice of Unavailability: If you are unable to receive a delivery, kindly provide at least 24 hours’ notice by calling 01508 493 647.

For further details regarding our delivery terms, please visit our Shipping & Returns page.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to save on high-quality AdBlue products with WavianBlue. Take advantage of our reduced prices and ensure a reliable supply for your business. With our longstanding commitment to quality, exceptional customer service, and the added convenience of our deposit-free IBC service, WavianBlue is your trusted partner for all your AdBlue needs.