A to Z of AdBlue: ​R is for Reliability

When it comes to running a business we all know that time is money. The longer you spend doing the more mundane aspects of your business then the less time it gives you to focus on the important things.

At WavianBlue.com we understand that to you, AdBlue is probably just AdBlue. You just want to order it, pay for it and for it to arrive when you are expecting it to arrive.

You don’t need to be hassled by deposits and unreliable manufacturers or courier companies. That’s why we focus on making ordering AdBlue (and our associated pumps and containers) as easy as possible and being reliable every time.

Our pricing is simple and clear. We don’t charge extra for delivery and if you order a 1000 Litre AdBlue IBC we don’t charge you a deposit for the IBC.

When it is empty you either call us to collect it, or just order another one. If you are a regular user we can set up an account for you (first IBC must be paid for in advance) and then all you need to do is call us and we’ll deliver a new one.

We can either take the old one away or if you still have a bit left, take it away the next time you order. Best of all you can be sure that you are buying the very best quality AdBlue available at a competitive price.

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If you are contemplating ordering AdBlue in bulk you can save money by purchasing anIBC AdBlue Starter Kit. This includes 1000 litres of AdBlue and a premium gravity hose, an ideal and cost effective way to dispense your AdBlue.

If you want the ease and convenience of a powered hose there are a number of alternatives. The most popular one for us is a 12V battery powered pump http://www.wavianblue.com/adblue-pump-kit-for-100...

If you are new to AdBlue, feel free to give us a call on 01508 493 647 or email sales@wavainblue.com, we would be delighted to advise you on the most cost effective solution for your business. Wholesale enquires also welcome. 

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