AdBlue Pumps: Power to the People!

Using a manual AdBlue pump to refill your vehicles either from a 210 Litre drum or a 1000 Litre IBC’s is good enough for many customers, but if you are regularly using an AdBlue system of some kind you may feel that is by far the smarter and easier choice to purchase an electric AdBlue pump.

To lead or not too lead.

At WavianBlue we sell a wide range of both manual and electric AdBlue pumps, but with regards specifically to the electric pumps there is one major decision to make when purchasing and that is how the pump is powered. If your IBC is out in the yard or in a barn you are probably going to want to purchase an AdBlue pump that can be powered by a 12v battery otherwise you are going to need a very long extension lead.

If you are completely new to AdBlue we suggest you jump in the deep end and purchase this AdBlue Starter Kit comprising of 1000 Litres of AdBlue and a 12V powered AdBlue Pump. These pumps can also be upgraded with the addition of auto nozzles and flow meters (call us for more info).

Plugged in

On the flip side if your AdBlue is located close to a power socket it makes sense to purchase an electric AdBlue pump that is mains (240v powered). These are available to purchase separately and a the 12v portable AdBlue pumps can be upgraded similarly with auto nozzles and flow meters. in addition to the 1000 Litre AdBlue Starter Kits we also stock a very high spec mains powered 210 Litre AdBlue pump from Tecalemit here >

Air Power

There is also another option in which if you have a garage or workshop and have an airline set up you can connect this to some of our pumps, specifically this AdBlue IBC Dispensing System (airline powered). No additional power is needed and it can make refilling an AdBlue tank as part of a maintenance service a doddle. If you prefer a larger degree of mobility, this Airline Powered Automotive Mobile AdBlue Dispensing System on trolley is also a popular solution.

This trolley allows the 210 litre AdBlue drum (not supplied) to be manoeuvred around the workspace in order to make AdBlue refilling easy.

For more information on any of our AdBlue Pumps, or in fact any questions you might have regarding AdBlue please feel free to contact our office on 01508 493 647 or email


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