Happy New Year from Wavian Blue

It's a New Year and a new decade and we're carrying on from where we left off last year by supplying our valued customers old and new with high quality, low cost, certified AdBlue without the hassle of complicated deposits or minimum order quantities.

Our most popular item is a 1000 Litre AdBlue IBC, this offers a practical solution to small and medium size businesses who use reasonable quantities of AdBlue for their vehicles, whether these are delivery vans, company cars or agricultural equipment.

One thing to mention is that in order to receive an order of AdBlue from us (anything below above our 210 litre drums) you must be able to have a fork lift truck available to unload the IBC from our delivery vehicle. We do not charge a deposit for the IBC, but it will remain our property and once the AdBlue has been used you can either contact us to replace it with a new one or we will simply collect the empty one.

The AdBlue can be dispensed from the IBC in a number of ways, the most simple way is to use a gravity hose that effectively is a hose with a nozzle on it. As the name suggests it relies on gravity to expel the AdBlue, so the IBC would need to be raised up securely EG, on a solid platform. For those customers looking for a more sophisticated solution we offer a wide range of manual and electronic AdBlue Pumps for sale directly on our website.

We also sell containers for Adblue both empty and full, such as this 20 Litre reusable Adblue container (see video below) or these 10 lightweight, but strong 10 litre AdBlue containers that have a special recess in the can to store the included spout.

We keep our prices low all year round and our Adblue is manufactured to certified quality standards and complies with all UK safety guidelines. As long as your company has a good credit rating and you can comply with our requirements setting up an account with us is very easy. We have many customers who have accounts and when their AdBlue is running low they give us a quick call and another IBC is on the way.

We can also supply low cost AdBlue in bulk quantities (eg 2000 Litres or above directly to large Adblue containers) for more info on this or any other part of our AdBlue business email us on sales@wavian.net or email 01508 493 647.

Wavian Blue is committed to providing our customers with the highest levels of customer service.


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