New Adblue Starter Kit - 4 X 210 litre Adblue Drums + Piston Pump

New Adblue 210 Litre Drum Starter Kit with Piston Pump

While most of our commercial customers decide to purchase a 1000 Litre Adblue IBC, for businesses without a fork lift truck (which is necessary for us to complete a delivery) the best alternative by far is to purchase 210 Litre AdBlue Drums.

The drums have the advantage that they are obviously not as heavy as the IBC, so they are much more portable and when coupled with a manual piston pump are an excellent practical solution to the refilling of vehicles with AdBlue.

Today we’ve added a special new Starter Kit that contains 4 X 210 Litre Adblue drums together with a manual piston pump.

The price of the kit is £519.99inc VAT + Free Delivery and by purchasing them together as a starter kit you will save £18.49 from the price of ordering them separately. *** Prices correct as of July 2017 and subject to change ***

To buy the 210 Litre Adblue Drum Starter kit with piston pump click here >

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