Save £10 on all AdBlue IBC and

We’ve started 2020 in top gear and we’re already seeing more and more orders for our high quality, certified, low cost AdBlue. Our top selling item is the 1000 Litre IBC of AdBlue and we try to keep things as simple as possible for our customers.

Keeping it simple!

For instance we don’t charge a deposit for the IBC, it remains our property, but when it’s empty you can simply order another IBC or give us a call and we will come and collect it.

We also offer a range of both manual and electric AdBlue pumps specifically designed to be used in conjunction with an AdBlue IBC. You can find lots of information about the different kinds of AdBlue pumps here.

AdBlue for starters For a business using AdBlue for a small fleet you may find that an inexpensive gravity hose will offer a great, low cost solution. One thing to note is that you will need to safely raise up the IBC in order for gravity to do its work.

Another thing to note is that you will need to have a fork lift truck on site available for use when our delivery driver arrives. We can let you know in advance when we will be coming, just make sure you put this in your order notes if you need to borrow one from a nearby business.

Grab a discount Ordering is easy, simple visit our online AdBlue shop and select the required product(s). We’ve also got a special offer running currently (for Jan 2020) where you can save £10 on any IBC or Starter Kit Order. All you have to do is enter the code JAN10 in the discount box on the checkout page and the discount will be automatically applied.

If you are using a lot of AdBlue 1000Litres + per month you may find it even more cost effective to purchase a larger AdBlue tank and we can then come and fill this directly from one of our tankers.

Open an account Additionally if you would like to open an account and reorder with one phone call send us an email on or call 01508 493647 and we will be very happy to do this (as long as you past the credit check).


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