What Kind of AdBlue Nozzle do you need?

AdBlue Nozzles

If you are using a dispensing system to get your AdBlue out of your IBC or 210 litre drum and into your vehicle then you will most likely have some kind of nozzle attached to the end of your hose.

I thought it might be a good idea to look at a couple of different kinds of nozzles available to purchase on www.wavianblue.com. Like most things in life you tend to get what you pay for. A very basic gravity hose will work fine on an IBC that is lifted up off the ground, but if you are pumping out larger amounts, I would certainly recommend using some kind of electrical powered AdBlue pump whether it be a 12v battery powered pump or something you can plug directly into the mains.

If you need to monitor your AdBlue use a powered pump. It's important to remember that a flow meter won't work successfully with a gravity hose, mainly as the rate at which the AdBlue flows past the meter isn't fast enough. If you are looking at large AdBlue tanks 3,000 litre + and computer systems to monitor your AdBlue give us a call, our access in the industry will enable us to either source a solution or to recommend one of our partners.

Basic Manual Nozzle - AdBlue


£45.14 inc VAT (£37.62 ex VAT)

Key Product Features

For the use with AdBlue® Outlet diameter 19mm

Swivel joint and hose socket Part Number Description 252 350 000 AdBlue® nozzle.



Autoflow Nozzle - AdBlue


A 2003-KS AdBlue® Auto Nozzle

£155.81 inc VAT (129.84 ex VAT)

A high quality AdBlue Nozzle designed to be used within an AdBlue dispensing unit. The Autoflow nozzle will shut off when the tank is full. From TECALEMIT.

Key Product Features

For the use with Drum and IBC pumps sets

Plastic body

Stainless steel 19mm spout

Stainless steel swivel joint with DN 20 hose socket

Product Code: 252 712 031

Description: A 2003-KS


Stainless Steel Nozzle - AdBlue


A 2003-ES AdBlue® Nozzle

£275.22 inc VAT (£229.35 ex VAT)

The nozzle designed to be used as part of an AdBlue dispensing system. This nozzle has Stainless Steel elements that will offer superior durability compared to a plastic or regular metal nozzle. From TECALEMIT.

Key Product Features

For the use with AdBlue®

Outlet diameter 19mm - Stainless steel

Connection 3/4" male - Stainless steel

Product Code 252 711 032

Product Description A 2003-ES


Piusi SB325 AdBlue Nozzle c/w Meter & Breakaway Spout https://www.wavianblue.com/product-page/piusi-sb325-adblue-nozzle-c-w-meter-breakaway-spout

Piusi SB325 AdBlue Nozzle £249.17 ex VAT (£299 inc VAT) The Piusi SB325 AdBlue Nozzle is a lightweight, plastic automatic nozzle with a stainless steel breakaway spout. The breakaway spout mechanism ensures that if the vehicle accidently drives away leaving the nozzle still in the vehicle's fill point, the spout will detach from the body of the nozzle. This means that damage will be limited to the spout only which can be replaced as a spare part, and the pump system on the AdBlue storage tank will not be pulled away with the force. Thanks to the integrated K24 digital flow meter, this AdBlue™ nozzle has the added functionality for the user to conveniently view how much fluid has been dispensed into the vehicle. This Piusi AdBlue nozzle is an ideal upgrade from a manual nozzle; made from lightweight plastic but with a sturdy stainless steel spout, this nozzle is an ergonomic and cost effective alternative to the completely stainless steel automatic AdBlue nozzles previously only available on the market.   This is item cannot be used with a standard gravity hose. An electric pump is needed. Include Product Features • Max Flow Rate 35litres per min • Max Pressure (Bar) 3.5 • Spout 19mm • Inlet Connection 3/4" • Hose Barb/ 1" M BSP For more information on any of these items call us on 01508 493 647 or email sales@wavian.net


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