About Us

Formed in 1996, we have been supplying our own Wavian brand of high quality steel and plastic fuel cans and accessories as well as a wide variety of liquid containers to customers both in the UK and around the world, you can visit our sister website here www.jerrycans.co.uk

We have built a reputation for service and quality that our customers can rely on and welcome the opportunity of helping any individuals or companies looking for a supply from our range of products. In addition to our range of containers we reacted to customer demand and began to supply AdBlue® liquid as well as pumps and additional equipment that is needed to dispense the AdBlue®. 

From our headquarters just outside Norwich and from distribution centres throughout the UK we supply WavianBlue, a high quality Diesel Exhaust Liquid in various quantities from smaller 2, 10 and 20 litre containers, right up to 210 litre IVC’s and larger 1000 litre IBC’s.

Available too is a wide range of Pumps suitable for AdBlue®, both hand operated and electric, battery and mains powered to move your AdBlue® liquid from larger to smaller containers quickly and easily (and without any waste). For larger amounts of AdBlue® liquid 1000litres + we can give you our best possible prices. For more information call our office on 01508 493647 or email sales@wavian.net
Our AdBlue®, is officially licensed and the highest quality on the market, beware of cheaper (and more expensive alternatives) and always look for the VDA licence approval and Industry standard ISO 22241 when purchasing AdBlue®.

In addition to WavianBlue we also have 3 other brands. www.jerrycans.co.uk (high quality fuel cans & accessories)/ www.metaplast.co.uk (bulk quantities of plastic containers) and greenvalleysupplies.com (fuelling equipment). For more info and to visit the individual websites click on the logos.