Now available 2500 Litre AdBlue Tanks

Many of our customers like to order AdBlue liquid from us in either 210 Litre Drums or our low cost 1000 Litre IBC’s. Currently our price as of Wed 13th March for a 1000 Litre IBC of AdBlue is £300 ex VAT (that works out at 30p per litre. That price includes UK mainland delivery and we don’t charge a deposit for the IBC either.

Outdoor Basic 2500 Litre Cemo CUBE-Tank

We try and make the ordering process as simple as possible and once your IBC is empty (or nearly empty) all you have to do is call us and order another one. If you have space we can always pick up the nearly empty one next time. That way you will never be short of AdBlue.

Recently we've seen an increase in enquires from customers who are looking to buy larger amounts of AdBlue and pay even less per litre. Up until now our largest storage was the 1000litre IBC, but we are now excited to announce the addition of four new Cemo AdBlue storage tanks that are each able to hold 2500 litres. Click here to view >

Indoor Premium CEMO AdBlue 2500 Cube Tank

There are four variations of the tanks, 2 designed for interior use and 2 that can be used outside. As mentioned all have a capacity of 2500 Litres, this enables our customers to purchase our AdBlue at an even lower rate.

For customers looking for AdBlue orders of over 2000 litres, we are currently (as of 13th March 2019) able to offer AdBlue for the price of 28p per litre. Our AdBlue has a shelf life of over 12 months so buying in bulk is ideal.

The price to fill up one of these CEMO tanks would be just £700 ex VAT. Delivery is free of charge to most mainland UK locations. Please note they don't not come supplied with AdBlue.

If you were to purchase one of these tanks and ask us to fill it up we would be able to offer you a price of 28p per litre. That would enable you to fill the tank up for just £700. Our AdBlue has a shelf life of over 12 months so buying in bulk can work out a lot cheaper.

The four variations of the tanks are as described below

Product Code CE10301

CUBE Tank Indoor Basic 2500 litre for AdBlue fully assembled

Total price including delivery £2,961.60 inc VAT

Product Code CE10435

CUBE-Tank Indoor Premium 2500 litre for AdBlue fully assembled

Total price including delivery £3,466.80 inc VAT

Product Code CE10304

CUBE-Tank Outdoor Basic 2500l for AdBlue fully assembled

Total price including delivery 3,290.40 inc VAT

Product Code CE10306

CUBE-Tank OutdoorPremium 2500l forAdBlue meter K24,hose reel, 8m filling hose,lid winter pack Mid-Europe

Total price including delivery £3,796.80 inc VAT

Delivery times can vary depending on stock availability. For more information on these products contact us on 01508 493 647 or email


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