Discount code to save £10 on any IBC order until the end of August.

We know businesses run smoothly when you can plan and organise and over the last 18 months there has been so many challenges to go along with all the regular challenges of running a business that sometimes you have to stop and take a step back to truly appreciate the difficult times we’ve all been through.

We’ve had to take on multiple price increases across our range of AdBlue® items (and jerrycans too) and we’ve always tried to keep our prices as low as possible to our customers.

(valid until the end of August)

We want you to be customers for the whole time you want AdBlue® so there are lots of good deals on our website on AdBlue® starter kits – where you purchase a pump and an IBC at the same time. We also have a very limited offer available for the rest of August where you can save £10 on the price of any IBC or IBC starter Kit. All you have to do is enter the code AUG10 at the checkout and your discount will automatically be applied.

This special offer is available for a strictly limited amount of customers, so get it quick before it sells out. For more information on any of our AdBlue® products or IBC’s call 01508 493 647 or email

Please ensure you check our delivery requirements before ordering an IBC as you will need access to a fork lift truck when we deliver. Many customers find that if they don’t have one they can borrow a fork lift truck from a nearby business. We can help by calling you when we are close by to deliver.