What to do if you put AdBlue® into your diesel tank

Here’s a quick blog post with some advice for anyone who has accidentally poured AdBlue® into their diesel tank, or just as likely, accidentally poured diesel into their AdBlue® tank.

Luckily AdBlue® tanks are clearly marked with a BLUE cap, but accidents happen and if you do find yourself in the worst case scenario follow these tips.

First thing – DON’T start the engine

If you turn the ignition on and start the engine even for a brief period the fuel will enter the wrong system and the consequences can be very damaging (and expensive).

AdBlue® is not compatible with some materials and there is a good chance it could degrade the internal fuel system, causing expensive repair bills.

On the flip side, Diesel will poison the catalyst converter, which is definitely not cheap to replace and it’s very (very) unlikely you’ll be covered by the warranty guarantee.

All’s not lost though – Call a professional such as Fuel Fix before starting the engine and there is a good chance damage will be kept to a minimum and you’ll be back on the road in no time.

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