A to Z of AdBlue: O is for (AdBlue) Operating temperature

Recently there has been several major announcements that are certain to change the landscape of car (and AdBlue) use in the UK and beyond in the coming years.

First was an announcement in early July 2017 by the French Government of it’s plan to ban the sale of Diesel and Petrol vehicles by the year 2040, this was followed very closely by Volvo’s statement to say that all of its new vehicles launched from 2019 would be electric only

Less than 3 weeks later the news came through that the British Government plan to ban the sale of all diesel and petrol cars and vans from 2040 

All this can seem worrying for fleet operators with a car park full of new diesel cars, but the reality is 2040 is still a long way off and AdBlue is going to be around for the considerable future.

Lets get back to our ‘O’ though, ‘Operating Temperature’. Selective Catalytic Reduction systems work by mixing microscopic amounts of Adblue (DEF Fluid) with the emissions to lower the harmful NOx emissions from the diesel engine.

The potential issue is that currently Adblue is only effective when the exhaust operating temperature is over 250ºC. This means that vehicles such as taxis and delivery vehicles that are regularly stopping and starting and covering short distances in highly polluted urban areas, the reduction of emissions can be much lower than required.

A scientific team at Loughborough Universities School of Mechanical, Electrical and Manufacturing Engineering department is currently working on a solution to mean that Adblue is more effective at lower temperatures which is great news for the environment, but may mean that the amount of Adblue used by each vehicle will increase.

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