AdBlue® A to Z: P is for (AdBlue®) Pump

Our A to Z of AdBlue® continues with ‘P’, and ‘P’ is for pump. When it comes to the right AdBlue® pump there are a range of options available and the one best for you can depend on a variety of factors.Often when a business orders their first 210 litre drum or 1000 litre IBC of AdBlue® they choose one of our AdBlue® Starter Kits, several of these come supplied with either a gravity hose kit or manual piston pump and many businesses find these work really well for their needs.The one thing to consider when you purchase a gravity hose kit is that, as the name suggests the hose works with gravity to deliver the AdBlue®, so if your IBC is on the floor there isn’t going to be too much gravity available.

One way to get around this is by raising the IBC up safely above the ground, but you might also have to consider the height of the AdBlue® container that you are filling.

For example, if your combine harvester needs AdBlue® you may find that the tank on the combine is quite high and so your will need an electric pump to get it up to the higher level. Of course you can do what one of our customers was doing and lift the IBC up on a forklift truck every time they wanted to fill the tank, but personally I think an electric pump is a sound investment in these circumstances. 

Price wise (as of 24th Aug 2017) our 12v (battery operated) pumps are currently identical to our 230v in AdBlue® Pumps, so if you have a mains power source close by and don’t need to to take the pump out into the field this may be a preferred option. Similarly if you have IBC’s in multiple locations a battery powered pump is more versatile and portable.

To compliment our high quality AdBlue® pumps we also have available a PRO AdBlue® starter Kit this includes several features not available on the other electric pumps, namely an Automatic nozzle that will shut off when full (just like they do at a regular filling station) and a flow meter to let you know exactly how much AdBlue® you are using.

Full list of PRO AdBlue® Pump Features

• Automatic Nozzle• Flow Meter • Supplied as a complete kit• Quick release rack mounts to the side of the IBS• 4m x 3/4″ delivery hose • 1.5m suction hose and SEC connector • c/w switch & 1.8m mains cable • Self priming diaphragm pump & bypass valve 30L/Min • Waterproof to IP55 for outdoor use• Max run time 20 mins 

For any questions or advice regarding pumps or AdBlue® feel free to call us on 01508 493 647 or email and we will be happy to help.