Adblue A to Z - M is for Multi-Packs

Updated: Jun 12, 2018

M is for Multi-packs

WavianBlue specialises in selling only the highest quality AdBlue, produced according to ISO22241.D specifications. This quality assurance is vital when it comes to the smooth running of Adblue / DEF SCR (selective catalytic reduction) systems. Inferior Adblue produced in non sterile environments can cause untold damage to the highly sensitive systems in modern vehicles that use Adblue.

We supply AdBlue to our customers in a range of different ways, our most popular item is the 1000 litre AdBlue IBC.

These larger containers of Adblue are very suitable for businesses that port a number of vehicles that use Adblue. Together with a 4 metre gravity hose kit, these are available as an  AdBlue Starter Kit.

Another popular item for fleet managers and taxi fleets is to purchase a multi-pack of AdBlue, essentially a pallet of smaller bottles and containers that enable your drivers to keep one spare in their vehicles at all times.

We have a number of Adblue liquid options available to buy in bulk (see below)

AdBlue Liquid 40 X 20 Litres - 800 litres Total - £623.9

AdBlue Liquid 60 X 10 Litres - 600 litres Total - £505.44

AdBlue Liquid 60 X 20 Litres - 1200 litres Total - £861.12

AdBlue Liquid 90 X 10 Litres - 900 litres Total - £595.84

We also have smaller Car parks available

AdBlue Liquid 144 X 2 Litres - 288litres total - £769.92

AdBlue Liquid 216 X 2 Litres (Refills) - 432litres total - £679.68


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