Save money on Electric AdBlue Pumps

The item that is ordered on our website more frequently than any others is the 1000 litre Adblue IBC (Intermediate Bulk Container).

It’s a much more cost efficient way of servicing your fleet with Adblue (DEF), especially when you compare it to buying 10 & 20 litre AdBlue bottles from the local garage. It’s also clean, convenient and currently (as of October 2017) a 1000 litre AdBlue IBC from WavianBlue works out at just 30p per litre, Ex VAT, (including delivery in 2-3 days).

We don’t charge a deposit for the IBC and it remains our property, we only ask that you have a fork lift truck available for delivery (we can coordinate with you if you need to borrow one) and that once you use up all the AdBlue in your IBC that you call us and order some more. If you decide to order elsewhere we will arrange collection at a time convenient to you for more info visit 'delivery information'. 

We have many customers with business accounts and once we have all your details ordering a new IBC of AdBlue is as easy as picking up the phone and calling 01508 493 647. An IBC of AdBlue will have a shelf life of approx a year, so even if you are using relatively small amounts, spread over 12months the savings are still substantial.

As customers are upgrading their vehicles and increasing their need for Adblue many of them are upgrading their basic  IBC starter kit with gravity hose, to an electric AdBlue pump. This can be either a 12v pump that connects to a car-type battery or a regular 230v fitting that plugs directly into the wall, depending on the location of the IBC and your own requirements.

To view our range of electric Adblue pumps, click here > We currently have a promotion for £20 off any electric Adblue pump purchased from our website, simply enter the code ELECTRIC in the box at the checkout and the amount will be automatically deducted from your order total.

Adblue can be a daunting and confusing subject, so if you need any advice or help on the amount of Adblue you might need or equally the range of options regarding any aspect feel free to call us on 01508 493 647.


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