AdBlue® A to Z – V is for Value for Money

Here at not only do we believe in delivering you great AdBlue® products, we also believe in delivering a great service too. That’s easy to say, but a great challenge to deliver and one we make a priority on every single order we receive.

The reality is we know that happy customers come back to us again and again, so it’s in our interests to get your AdBlue® and AdBlue® accessories to you quickly, efficiently and with as little fuss as possible.

No deposit for IBC orders

We know many of our customers will keep you trapped into complicated contracts and deposit schemes. Often it can be confusing to see how much your AdBlue® or AdBlue® equipment is actually costing. A major key to our success so far has been transparent pricing structures allowing you to see exactly how much you are paying, either per litre of AdBlue® or as a complete price including delivery.

All of our AdBlue® IBC and AdBlue® starter kit orders are priced including delivery and the price excluding VAT will always be clearly marked on both the website and any order confirmations that you receive. We never charge deposit for any AdBlue® IBC’s all we ask is that once your IBC is empty we’d like you to let us know and either – a, order a new one (preferred option), b tell us it is empty and let us come and pick it up. Obviously if there is still a bit of AdBlue® left you can keep that one until the next time.

AdBlue® IBC

Our core product is the 1000 litre AdBlue® IBC, and as of 15th January 2018 this is currently priced at just 30 pence per litre £300 ex VAT (£360 inc VAT). This includes delivery to mainland UK within around 2-3 working days. We can also delivery by tanker quantities of over 3000 litres directly to your storage containers.

AdBlue® Pumps

We also sell a wide range of associated AdBlue® pumps and accessories. Many businesses find that one of our basic AdBlue® starter kits is more than suitable for their needs, while others who use larger quantities of AdBlue® find the convenience of an electric AdBlue® Pump is worth the extra cost.

We sell AdBlue® pumps that are suitable to use plugged in, or with an external 12v battery. There are also options to have a flow meter either attached with the pump or purchased separately to give you correct information on the amount of AdBlue® your drivers are using.

Portable AdBlue® Trolleys

Sometimes in a warehouse environment it is more convenient (and safer) to have the AdBlue® within a portable unit allowing your crew to service vehicles in the depot without them having to move them one at a time into position.

We work in partnership with German manufacturer CEMO and highly recommend their high quality portable AdBlue® trolleys for this very purpose. We stock a wide number of their units for immediate dispatch.

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