Manual Rotary Pump AdBlue® Kit – NEW!!

Our AdBlue® starter kits are an ideal way to save money on AdBlue®, especially if you’ve recently added a number of vehicles to your fleet that require regular top-ups.

The kits provide all your need to be up and running straight away; ie a 100 litre IBC full of AdBlue® together with one of a variety of pumps, depending on your needs (and budget).

Our latest option is a  Manual Rotary Pump AdBlue® Starter Kit that combines a high quality pump with a new 1000 litre AdBlue® IBC. Buying both items together will also say you £20 on the price if purchased separately.

We’ve been doing some customer research and have found that many people prefer the rotary pump over the piston pump despite the small extra cost. If you can afford it the smoother action will deliver the AdBlue® really well (and it’s good for your biceps too).

Currently* you can purchase the new AdBlue® starter kit for just £522.50 ex vat inc fast delivery.Click here for more info  

Making life easy

We know you don’t have time to work out complicated deposits and loan schemes even if you wanted to, so our mission is to make your AdBlue® use a no-brainer.

We keep the price low. No hidden extras, delivery is feee and the price you pay is just that.

*as of 5th Feb 2018. for more info call 01508 493 647 or email