The Dangers of Fitting AdBlue® ‘Cheat’ Devices

As part of a Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR), AdBlue® reduces the nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions from a car, truck or any kind of vehicle that uses the system.


Because AdBlue® is another expense in an already competitive world, some businesses have tried to find a way to get around it. Unfortunately as a haulage firm in Stoke on Trent found out, illegally fitting an AdBlue® ‘cheat’ system can be a bad move.

According to the West Midlands Traffic Commissioner, Rapid Response Deliveries had operated a vehicle for over 3 years without realising that it required AdBlue® and a device fitted to it was bypassing the SCR system and disabling any AdBlue® warning lights.

The business denied all knowledge of the ‘AdBlue® cheat device’, but according to the Commissioner, “The need for AdBlue® should have been self-evident to anyone who understood the business of operating HGVs and who had kept up even a marginal acquaintance with the trade press over the last few years”.

You can read the full story here…

As a result of the enquiry, Rapid Response Deliveries has now lost their license to operate vehicles.

The AdBlue® ‘cheat boxes’ are actually illegal in the UK and as this news item shows using them may save you a few quid in the short term, but can have devastating effects on your business.

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