Air Powered AdBlue® Pumps – NEW!!

You already know WavianBlue as a major supplier of high quality AdBlue®, but you might not also be aware that we also sell a wide range of AdBlue® accessories, containers and pumps in order for you to manage your AdBlue® in the most convenient way possible.

We’ve noticed that many of our customers are in the auto trade of some kind, either with a large fleet of vans or trucks or diesel cars and many of these businesses have their own garages and workshops from which they repair and service their vehicles.

We’ve just introduced a number of new AdBlue® pumps that are designed to work in conjunction with the airline that most garages have. This makes for an easy and convenient way to get your AdBlue® out fo your 1000 litre AdBlue® IBC or 210 litre drum.

The new products are

AdBlue® IBC Dispensing System (airline powered)

The Hill Pumps air operated AdBlue® IBC dispensing unit is perfect for effortlessly transferring AdBlue® directly into trucks, agricultural and commercial vehicles and an extensive range of passenger cars. The unit comes complete and is ready to go – just plug and play.

Air operated AdBlue® Pump Automatic shut off dispensing nozzle Electronic flow meter All hoses & fittings.

No electricity required, just plug into the workshop airline and pull the trigger. Can be used outside too as many workshops have an airline fixed or reaching outside.

AF1 Air Operated Pump

This AdBlue® Pump is for use in conjunction with a 2m AdBlue® Hose Kits with Dispensing Nozzle, Flow Meter and IBC Bracket (code Ref: Z1050-004) and can be fitted to either a standard IBC or 210 Litre drum . Please note if you’re using this with an IBC you’ll also need an IBC uptake extension. .

Lastly we have

Airline Powered Automotive Mobile AdBlue® Dispensing System

An Automotive Mobile AdBlue® Dispensing System (airline powered), this dispensing system is air operated so there’s no need for electricity and it can be used outside too.

The Mobile AdBlue® Dispensing System designed for Automotive Passenger Vehicles enables you to transfer AdBlue® DEF from 210 AdBlue® drums directly into vehicles. This is a really smart piece of kit that will hold a 210 litre AdBlue® drum and power itself from your workshop airline (drum not included).

If you would like any more information on any of these products please feel free to call us on 01508 493 647 or email