Bulk AdBlue®? Wavian Blue is the answer

Most of our customers love the flexibility and convenience that ordering a 1000 Litre AdBlue® IBC brings to their businesses.

It also allows them to save money by supplying their fleet of vehicles with AdBlue® from an on-site container rather than having to purchase AdBlue® in small bottles from the local filling station or supermarket. It also saves them a lot of paperwork and accounting too.

Save Money
If you look at the price of a 5 litre AdBlue® container for sale at a garage it is generally around £8-£10. Which is approximately £1.60 to £2 per litre. If you purchase a 1000 Litre IBC from WavianBlue it will cost you just 36p per litre including VAT (and delivery). So just from a financial perspective it’s easy to see the benefits of buying AdBlue® in bulk.

No deposit
We try and make purchasing your AdBlue® IBC as easy as possible, we don’t ask for a deposit on the IBC (simple let us know when it is empty and we will either a: bring you a new one full of AdBlue® or b: come and pick it up). You can order directly from our website here or you can also call us on 01508 493 647 and we will create a link that will take you to a web payment page. If you are looking to order more than 2000 Litres we are also able to supply AdBlue® into  fixed larger container. This can be any large bunded tank that can be fuelled from a tanker. The tank will have to be accessible enough for us to deliver the AdBlue® directly into it

Cube Tanks by CEMO The new CUBE-tank series is the first generation of filling stations to have been uncompromisingly developed as a complete AdBlue® system from the outset. By combining high quality German engineering, together with ease of use and full customer support the CEMO CUBE-tank range is unsurpassed.

Product Options – Indoor Product Code: CE10302 – CUBE-Tank for AdBlue®, Indoor Basic 6m delivery hose without hinged lid.  Capacity: 2500 Litres Dimensions 120 x 180 x 174 Weight 220kg 

Product Code CE10435 – CUBE-Tank for AdBlue®, Indoor Premium, hose reel with 8m delivery hose and K24 digital flow meter.  Capacity: 2500 Litres Dimensions 120 x 180 x 180 Weight 250kg

Product Options – Outdoor Product Code CE10304 – CUBE-Tank for AdBlue®, Outdoor Basic,

6m delivery hose, inc.hinged lid,

Winter Pack Mid Europe (250W heater for ancillary area). Capacity 2500 Litres Dimensions 120 x 180 x 180 Weight 250kg

Product Code CE10306 – CUBE-Tank for AdBlue®, Outdoor Premium

8m hose, inc.hinged lid Winter Pack Mid Europe (250W heater for ancillary area) Capacity 2500 Litres

Dimensions 120 x 180 x 180 Weight 265kg

Features on both Basic and Premium versions
* Integrated bund Visual bund alarm 2″ dry tanker coupling Electronic overfill sensor Analogue contents gauge 230V electric pump 35 Litres per min automatic nozzle with integrated nozzle holder Fully assembled All devices wired ready to connect into a terminal box

Moulded hexagonal matrix for integral polymer strength, supported by twin steel bands at the points of greatest loads.

Also available are AdBlue® Tank extensions designed specifically for use within the CUBE system. The tanks would enable you to increase capacity (up to 5000 Litres).  Please contact us for more information regarding these high quality AdBlue® tanks. (CE10436 (indoor) and CE10307 (outdoor). Call 01508 493 647 or email sales@wavian.net