AdBlue Cheat Devices - Transport Manager banned

We’ve spoken before about the dangers of using an AdBlue Cheat Device on your fleet and as was highlighted in the recent Dispatches programme on Channel 4 there seems to be a growing number of operators who are fitting the illegal AdBlue devices.

For one Transport Manager, Eric Nicholson the director of transport firm EW & PA Nicholson Limited fitting the illegal devices to his firms vehicles has led him to be banned from the industry. After a hearing in February 2018 Simon Evans the North West Transport Commissioner disqualified him indefinitely from being employed as a transport manager.

In addition to this punishment he was also banned from holding or obtaining a licence to operate commercial vehicles for 5 years. When asked to comment about the case, Mr Nicholson said that he had made “the biggest mistake of his life”.

We understand the temptation to use illegal Adblue cheat devices might be strong in certain circumstances, but it seems for Mr Nicholson the savings weren’t worth it. There are lots of reasons why you shouldn't use an AdBlue Cheat System, but there are even more reasons to stay legal and use high quality, low cost AdBlue in your fleet.

We work with many fleet managers and operators who are proud to use WavianBlue as their supplier of AdBlue. Our 1000 Litre IBC is (as of April 2018) just £300 ex VAT.

We don’t charge a deposit and our price includes delivery and no hidden extras. If you’re new to AdBlue you might want to consider one of our AdBlue Starter Kits, these come with everything (an IBC or 210 litre AdBlue drums + an AdBlue pump or gravity hose) needed to get your fleet topped up.

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