AdBlue® For Your Car - Tank sizes and reach in KM

Updated: Jun 5, 2018

AdBlue® is a highly purified liquid containing demineralised water and a substance called urea (for those with a science degree, the chemical composition is NH2)2CO+ H20).

Since the Euro 6 emissions standard came into force in Jan 2014, specific new diesel engines are required by law to use a SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) system to reduce their CO2 output.

For owners of cars built after this date it means that at some point they will be required to buy AdBlue® to top up the SCR system. How often, will depend on how you are out on the road. Just like petrol ad diesel, if you drive economically you will need less AdBlue®.

Here are the AdBlue® tank sizes for a number of current models

Audi A6

AdBlue® tank size - 17 litres - estimated reach 15,000km

VW Passat

AdBlue® tank size - 17 litres - estimated reach 17,000km

Mercedes GL

AdBlue® tank size - 33 litres - estimated reach 16,000-22,000km

BMW 3er

AdBlue® tank size - 21 litres - estimated reach 20,000km

Click here to download BMW AdBlue Factsheet >

These are official figures based on simulated test conditions. However, initial reports from cars using AdBlue® in real life road conditions suggest the amount of AdBlue® actually needed is much higher.

All of the previously mentioned cars do implement early warning systems to warn you when levels of AdBlue® are low, however we strongly recommend that drivers carry an emergency supply of AdBlue® in order to prevent any problems as once the AdBlue® has run out, in the majority of cases your can will no longer start.

WavainBlue AdBlue® is made to the highest specifications and is manufactured under licence from the VDA, conforming to ISO22241 quality standards. We sell AdBlue® in a range of different sizes for retail, we also specialise in the wholesale distribution of large amounts of AdBlue® to customers across the UK.

If you would like to get in touch with us regarding a wholesale enquiry visit our AdBlue® Wholesale information page.


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